Grand silk thread jumkhas and chandbali studs

Grand silk thread jumkhas, simple jumkhas and Chandbali studs in bright colours

Price mentioned in each picture

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Chubby rubber dolls as Iyengar bride and groom

Chubby and light weight rubber dolls dressed up as Iyengar bride and groom

Price: Rs 1600
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Custom size peacock kundan rangoli

Custom size and colours
peacock kundan rangoli ..approx 22 inches when arranged as a set

Price: Rs 900
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DIY Lotus kundan rangoli kit DIY03

DIY Lotus kundan Rangoli kit - DIY03

Materials included -

OHP sheet
Bead chain
Glitter tubes
Round kundan stones in required colours

Price -?350 plus shipping at actuals

No returns, exchange or refunds
Limited sets available

Pls note that I use fevibond..since it's difficult to handle for beginners and unmanageable for kids, I suggest and include fabric glue in the kit.

Pls mention the code DIY03 and mail me at